Schedule an Author’s Visit

Laurin’s author visits to classrooms are 20-40 minutes, and can be tailored for the grade level and needs of the students. They include a reading of the book, dialogue with students, and Q&A. Interactive activities may also be included. Dialogue responds to questions raised by children or may be guided to touch on themes such as:

  • Gender and Expression: The idea that toys, colors, clothes, and play can be for anyone, and don’t need to be limited by gender.
  • Being True to One’s Self: Sometimes there’s pressure to be like other people. You are great just the way you are.
  • Valuing Diversity: No two people are exactly the same. We are all one-of-a-kind and we all belong.
  • Gender Diversity: No gender is better than another gender. It’s not better to be a boy, girl, gender non-conforming, nonbinary, transgender, or any other gender.
  • Being a Friend:  Appreciating each person for who they are, without pressuring them to be different. Supporting other children when they are teased.
“I was really pleased that we could begin having this discussion. I now feel emboldened to continue conversations like this every year to open all our minds to how people express gender in different ways and how we can show empathy and compassion toward others.”
Aiko Keen
Second Grade Teacher, Bridges Academy, Oakland
“Laurin’s interaction with our community through her special read aloud and conversation really resonated with the kids. She was able to field so many curious questions about ‘boy and girl stuff’ in a kind and informative way and helped us cultivate authentic conversation about uniqueness and differences.”
Alison Lanza
Second Grade Teacher, CPE2, East Harlem
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