Guide for Educators

Use this guide to find ideas for starting conversations with children about gender diversity, gender stereotypes, what makes each person unique, and more. The guide can also help you prepare for addressing concerns that parents and caregivers may have. Selected resources are listed at the end that you can use for your own learning or with your students.

Guide for Families  

Use this guide for ideas for talking with children about the book, as well as background information and selected resources that might help you answer questions that come up.

Proud Mom Videos – In this series of short videos, Laurin Mayeno shares her experiences and learning parenting her son Danny. She created the series, with her son’s help, to open hearts and minds, spark dialogue, build awareness and support families like her own.  The videos can be viewed online, or shown as part of a presentation or workshop

Proud Mom, Part 1 – Early Years is the story about being the mother of a gender nonconforming child during his preschool years, including the Halloween he dressed as a princess. Laurin talks about the pressures she felt to fit in and to make her son “fit into the box of being a boy”. She also shares some of the steps in her own process of learning to accept and support her son. Length: 5:32

Proud Mom Part 1 – Early Years from Laurin Mayeno on Vimeo.

Proud Mom, Part 2 – Elementary School Years is Laurin’s story about working through her own confusion and fears as her son Danny faced teasing and harassment in elementary school. She shares about her own “coming out” as she tries to support her son. Length: 6:13

Proud Mom, Part 2 – Elementary School Years from Laurin Mayeno on Vimeo.

Proud Mom, Part 3 – Middle and High School Years is Laurin’s story about being there for her son through the harassment, isolation and depression he experienced when he went to middle school. She reflects on her role as a parent as she sees him grow into a young adult. Length: 5:52

Proud Mom Part 3 – Middle and High School from Laurin Mayeno on Vimeo.



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