Praise for the Book

“It’s been so meaningful to have a book to read to our kid that reminds her that she and her peers can define their gender and gender expression for themselves. And to be able to have this tool in English and Spanish with beautifully illustrated characters of color has been so important for us. A rare and much needed combination. Thank you!”
Nadia Williams
“One of A Kind Like Me / Único como yo is a touching story of a young boy who wants to be nothing more than a princess with puffy sleeves and a silver crown. What a great way to show young children that they can be whomever or whatever they want to be…I highly recommend this book to every primary, elementary educator and parents of that young princess!”
Scott Miller
Treasurer, NEA-GLBT Caucus & Co-Chair, CTA-GLBT Caucus
“A book that is positive, affirming, and full of love, it encourages us all to love ourselves and our children exactly the way we are.”
Judy Appel
Former Executive Director, Our Family Coalition
“Everyone, parents grandparents, and all school personnel, should read this.”
Mike Honda
“A fun, charming book! It reminds us that children will show us the way to true authenticity, if we just let them.”
Lori Duron
Author of Raising My Rainbow
“This book is not only for children that feel stifled by society’s gender norms but for adults who struggle between giving into society’s expectations or supporting individuality.”
Adelita Gonzales
Parent & Educator
“One of a Kind Like Me speaks to any parent, caregiver, family member, or trusted adult who knows and cares about a gender-creative child. We are grateful to Laurin Mayeno for sharing her heartfelt story, which teaches beautifully—and bilingually!—about respect for difference and loving and supporting our children just as they are.”
Jean Hodges
Former President, PFLAG National
“Everyone should read this wondrous tale of a gift of love and support that a mother gives to her son. This beautiful book is also a gift to all who seek a world that cherishes its children regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, class or any perceived difference.”
Helen Zia
Author of Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People
“A delightful book… a story that needed telling… a liberating message for all children… One of a Kind Like Me deserves to be present in every library, every school, every home.”
Alma Flor Ada
Winner of the Pura Belpre Award
“One of Kind should be in every childcare center and read throughout the year. Thank you Laurin for giving us a moment to reflect on how parents and teachers can work together to give children the feeling of being special and one of a kind!”
Beatriz Leyva-Cutler
Director, BAHIA/Centro VIDA, Berkeley CA
“One of a Kind Like Me is a child, parent and teacher-affirming bilingual book on the natural way that gender creativity can be in all our lives. It will appeal to children across a wide age range and is a cause for joyful celebration!”
Virginia Casper, PhD
Graduate Faculty, Bank Street College of Education
"One of a Kind Like Me is an incredible book that helps start important conversations about loving yourself and others for young learners."
Lilly Smith
Oakland School Volunteers Program Manager at the Oakland Public Education Fund
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