One of a Kind Like Me/Único Como Yo

One of a Kind Like Me/Único Como Yo is a bilingual (English/Spanish) children’s book based on a true story about a child named Danny who wants to be a princess in the school parade. He and his mom embark on a venture to find a purple princess dress. But will they find it on time?

Written by Laurin Mayeno
Illustrated by Robert Liu-Trujillo
Translated by Teresa Mlawer
Recommended for ages 4 and above.
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“A delightful book… a story that needed telling… a liberating message for all children… One of a Kind, Like Me deserves to be present in every library, every school, every home.”
Alma Flor Ada
Winner of the Pura Belpre Award
“One of a Kind, Like Me/Único como yo is a book every elementary school should own. It takes the subject of gender identity out of the public discourse, where morality and religion weigh heavily in the debate, and puts it into the personal realm of a young boy named Danny/Danielito.”
Maria Ramos-Chertok
Latinxs in Kid Lit
“One of A Kind Like Me / Único como yo is a touching story of a young boy who wants to be nothing more than a princess with puffy sleeves and a silver crown. What a great way to show young children that they can be whomever or whatever they want to be…I highly recommend this book to every primary, elementary educator and parents of that young princess!”
Scott Miller
Treasurer, NEA-GLBT Caucus & Co-Chair, CTA-GLBT Caucus
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